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SF Bay Area October 24 – November 03, 2019

Fathers Project Screening: What If AIDS Never Happened?

Fathers Project Screening: What If AIDS Never Happened?

Saturday, November 02


3092 16th Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
Imagine a world where AIDS never happened and a generation lived to create a Queer Utopia. Director Leo Herrera presents an intimate screening of Fathers, the Emmy-winning sci-fi documentary series.

Imagine a gay president. Robert Mapplethorpe's Instagram. Poppers that prevent STD's. LGBTQ senior citizen resorts in every city. A sexual revolution that never stopped, and a generation who lived without fear of loving. Imagine what could have been possible if artists, activists, pioneers, and immigrants were not taken by AIDS.

Fathers is a web series of short documentaries that explores these questions, weaving history, real-life events, and fiction to create a vision of a queer utopia.

Join us for an intimate Day of the Dead screening of all current episodes of The Fathers Project with Mexican filmmaker Leo Herrera.

Fathers is a community-funded project, filmed at queer gatherings and meccas across the US, and featured on NPR, Slate, Vice, National Review, Huffington Post and the Emmy-winning KQED Documentary "Behind-The-Lens: Leo Herrera Imagines a World Without AIDS."

Fathers is a fiscally sponsored project of the GLBT Historical Society and is currently still in production. The screening is free, we will be taking donations at event and at


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