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Fatherless Day Grief Gathering: Yoga and Sound Bath w/ Ken

Fatherless Day Grief Gathering: Yoga and Sound Bath w/ Ken

Sunday, June 21

1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

This is a digital event. You should receive information in your ticket or from the host about how to join online.

On this day of honoring fathers, many of us struggle with grief and loss. Join this safe and supportive gathering full of movement, meditation, expression and exploration. Together, we heal.

Grief and loss easily get stuck in the body/mind/spirit, causing discomfort and pain. Deepening one’s yoga practice in supportive community brings awareness, movement, and breath to grief’s holding places and create an opening for change. During a holiday such as Father's Day, some confront the complexities of relationship with a living parent while others sit with the loss when dad is no longer alive. If today feels like a day where you could benefit from being with others who are also dealing with loss, please consider joining us.

This workshop is designed for yoga beginners and practitioners of all levels who have experienced a parental loss or multiple losses that might be intensified on Father's Day. Together we will honor our individual losses within a circle of support; practice grief-specific yoga poses, breathing, and deep relaxation. There will be an expressive writing exercise and optional sharing. Our time together will finish with a singing bowl sound bath.


No yoga experience necessary.

Please prepare your space to have the following:

  • -enough space where you can move arms freely and lie comfortably on your back -wear comfortable clothing so you can move freely -a journal or notebook and pen -a photo or cherished item to represent your loss -a candle and lighter/match -earphones or ear buds for the sound bath

*Any donations (dana) for the facilitator are greatly appreciated and can be made to Ken Breniman via Venmo (@ken-breniman).

This event is co-hosted by Yoga Kula in Berkeley. wwwyogakula.com


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