Coronavirus Support

A conversation on our fears and feelings in relation to the Coronavirus.

A resource by BACII

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As the headlines and news are focused on the Coronavirus - a state of panic, fear and self reflection about our own mortality is happening at rapid speed. BACII wants to talk about it. We want to talk about how the Covid-19 is creating a fear mindset in our day to day lives that will increase as the virus continues to spread - and how we can navigate this new reality together.

We believe this is a time for true connection and feeling supported so we can continue to spread more compassion instead of fear. Join us for this weekly virtual conversation series. Limited RSVP's available each week.

About BACII... creatively facing our fears around death, dying and our own mortality so that we can find more meaning in our days. We do this through a series of thought-provoking events and social gatherings.

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