GRIEF IS THE WORD: A Compendium of Grief Resources

Grief is the Word is a 21-page PDF curation of some of the most compelling grief stories, support groups, links, and resources for those seeking fresh perspectives.

A resource by Waypoint Ceremonies

GRIEF IS THE WORD: A Compendium of Grief Resources compiled by DANNA D. SCHMIDT, Master Life-Cycle Celebrant.

My Inspiration

When I began sourcing materials for my Communal Grief Ritual research project as capstone for my Masters in Celebrancy designation, I noticed a prevalence of theories that suggested grief is a pathology and affliction, or something with definable states to move through and stages to be overcome. I wanted to explore grief from an interdisciplinary approach and through the lens of creative and cross-cultural modalities. This document was born from that exploration and my belief that grief is an initiation, inviting into a deeper experience of this human journey of living and loving.

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