San Francisco

April 15 – 21, 2019

Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death. Join the City of San Francisco in a community-wide conversation.

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Thursday, April 19


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The Memory Beyond The Photograph

Hosted By

Osteria Restaurant + Gina Ghorbani 

How do we keep the memory of a loved one active in our lives? Join us for an evening of art, music and poetry with respect to memorializing those who have passed. A casual evening welcoming open conversations on how each of us can keep a person's spirit present for ourselves and our loved ones. 

Thu. April 19



You're Going to Die: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes...

Hosted By

You're Going to Die

YOU’RE GOING TO DIE: Poetry, Prose & Everything Goes is a total open mic event, with no set or featured performers, but only the communal offering for us to explore the conversation of death & dying, to embrace our losses & mortality,to grieve, bereave & honor those we’ve lost & love… while all the while making room for simply being ALIVE. 

Thu. April 19