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COVID 19 Memorial Day Vigil candle

COVID-19 Memorial Day Vigil

Join Marked by COVID and Reimagine for the launch of COVID Memorial Day across the country. This special event will include a vigil and stories from organizers across the country. More than 60 grassroots COVID Memorial Day events are being planned across the country on March 1 in solidarity and to call for a national holiday and permanent memorials.

What is Reimagine?

The Gifts of 2020: Reflection, Gratitude and Hope

We at Reimagine understand that when we suffer a loss of any kind, we grieve, but we also take stock of what’s important and what we’ve learned in order to move forward. In the final episode of our home-spun video series, “The Gift of Reimagining,” several event collaborators, as well as members of our board and staff, share their reflections on 2020--in one word.

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Reimagine's commitment to justice, equity, diversity, & inclusion (JEDI)

Based on thoughtful feedback specifically from many of our incredible BIPOC community members, Reimagine has developed both short-term and long-term plans to engage with JEDI issues. Learn more about our initiatives, including our JEDI principles, collaborator pledge, specific commitments for the Creating Space festival, and information on our free JEDI workshop.

In this time of illness, death, and isolation, find resources that help make the world more human and connected.

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Planning a virtual memorial

It can be overwhelming to plan a memorial service - but planning one during a pandemic is even more difficult when we can’t be together in person. We designed this free guide to be useful for everyone, regardless of your comfort with technology, your budget, or your prior experience hosting events.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, we rely on your support to advance our mission. Together, let's create diverse spaces that elevate our experience of life, loss, and love.


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