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Reimagine's mission is to help all people face adversity, loss, and mortality, and channel the hard parts of life into meaningful action and growth.

What is Reimagine?


Reimagine envisions a world where we can embrace life fully—from this moment through the end—and collectively contribute to a more just and compassionate society.


J.E.D.I. (justice/equity/diversity/inclusion), to champion a compassionate space for all people
, to support personal and collective transformation through life’s challenges
, to explore our biggest questions with curiosity
, to stay true to our hearts and minds
, to turn toward what is hard
, to believe in, strive for, and manifest new possibilities
, to savor this “one wild and precious life”*

*From Mary Oliver’s The Summer Day

What we do

Reimagine hosts community-driven experiences that bring creativity, connection, and essential conversation to communities around the world. Reimagine experiences encompass:

  • Arts + Entertainment
  • Healthcare + Social Services
  • Spirituality + Religion
  • Innovation + Design

Past festivals

Reimagine was initially prototyped in 2016, inspired by OpenIDEO’s End of Life Challenge as part of an effort to investigate the intersection of art, community, and end of life.

Learn more about the thousands of events from our past festivals.

  • Loss, Life, & Love: Los Angeles, 2022
  • Grief, Growth, & Justice, 2022
  • Grief, Growth, & Action, 2021
  • Creating Space, 2020
  • Life, Loss, & Love, 2020
  • San Francisco Bay Area, 2019
  • New York City, 2018
  • San Francisco Bay Area, 2018
  • San Francisco Bay Area, 2016

Together, we explore these four themes


Consider the big questions about life and death, illness and loss, love and connection, through spirituality, science, and the arts.


Plan for and manage serious illness, dying, and death, for ourselves and the people we care about.


Create space for all types of grief and honor those we love, through memories, words, and actions.

Living Fully

In the face of our impermanence, embrace life, our families, our communities, and our planet, through well-being, purpose, and positive impact.

Masthead and video preview images feature Reimagine collaborator Day Schildkret of Morning Altars.

Reimagine® is a federally registered trademark owned by Reimagine Inc. Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited.