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Let's reimagine loss, adversity, and mortality, and transform life's challenges into meaning and growth.

Let's reimagine loss, adversity, and mortality and transform life's challenges into meaning and growth.

Each month, we’ll explore a theme through the lens of post-traumatic growth, a body of psychological research that suggests the hard stuff of life can lead to the discovery of strength, optimism, more meaningful relationships, heightened spirituality, and purpose.

September 2023

Aging as Grief, Aging as Growth

In this three-part series, we will discover healthy ways to acknowledge, process, and honor the grief inherent in getting older, and at the same time, we’ll explore how aging might create powerful opportunities for new goals, hopes, and dreams.

Past themes

Transforming Adversity into Acts of Service

August 2023

Join this three-part series and explore the profound impact of acts of service on personal growth and community empowerment. Unearth the potential of service to heal, connect, and empower as we navigate life's challenges together.

Pain to Purpose: Redesigning Our Careers and Lives

July 2023

In this transformative three-part series, we’ll delve into how loss, adversity, and mortality can profoundly shape our personal and professional lives. Coaches, mental health professionals, and design thinkers will guide us in taking these challenging experiences and channeling them into new pathways of purpose and growth.

From Collective Trauma to Transformation

May 2023

In this three-part series, we’ll understand what seemingly disparate collective traumas have in common. And through the stories of mental health professionals, activists, and survivors, we’ll explore how creative expression, acts of service, and various forms of spirituality can help us navigate a pathway forward.

From Suffering to Spiritual Growth

April 2023

This is for people of all faiths and no faith—and everyone in between. Together, we will learn about fundamental spiritual concepts and rituals to enhance our personal journeys; we will experience the inspiring stories of leaders who have found spirituality to navigate grief and loss; and, through participatory peer-led breakout sessions, we will be guided by a pastor, a Buddhist monk, and a rabbi to take action in our spiritual growth.

Climate Grief & Growth

March 2023

When experiencing eco-anxiety about rapid changes in the natural world, what steps can we take – both large and small – to move forward? Topics for discussion and practice will include regulating feelings of despair and finding purpose in acts of service and civic engagement.

Food as Medicine: From Adversity to Abundance

February 2023

In this series, we’ll reimagine food as a prescription for wellbeing, nourishment, and spiritual growth. Guests will share how transformations in diet, preparation, and food service can allow us and those we love to experience wholeness and healing.

Grief, Growth, & Money

January 2023

Explore how to transform financial troubles and trauma into new pathways. How can we build healthier relationships with money? How can we plan for ourselves and our loved ones from cradle to grave, in sickness and in health? And from a broader perspective, what small steps can we take to close the racial wealth gap?

The Natural World

December 2022

Nature is a source for growth and transformation, a wellspring for medicine that can help us raise our consciousness, relieve anxiety, and heal our souls. This series introduces plant medicine, psychedelics, and energy practices to aid us in a search for comfort, connection, and self-knowledge.

Values, Wishes, and Intentions

November 2022

Planning is a toolkit for self-knowledge, empowerment, and a shield against anxiety and fear. We will learn about building care teams for the dying; managing “love and stuff”, i.e., the material objects belonging to our nearest and dearest; and avoiding missed opportunities for end-of-life planning among underrepresented communities.

Creative Expression

October 2022

Explore how grief and loss can evolve through imagination, artistic practice, and ceremony. We spotlight visual artists and performers who share rituals and reflective practices to move through adversity.