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Finding Balance in a Changing World: Mindfulness and Climate Change
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Discover how mindfulness practices can help you navigate the emotional challenges of climate change while inspiring action towards a more sustainable future.

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Leon Ford: The Power of Overcoming Adversity to Inspire Change
Margaret Beim
Margaret Beim, Reimagine
Meet Leon Ford, an award-winning entrepreneur and community activist who turned his tragedy into a lifelong commitment to social activism. Learn about his upcoming book, An Unspeakable Hope: Brutality, Forgiveness, and Building a Better Future for My Son.
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Smash It and Smash It, For Everything Is in It
Chloe Zelkha
Chloe Zelkha
Read COVID Grief Network Co-Founder Chloe Zelkha's story on losing her dad, the concern that we're "broken" when we're grieving, and ways to ritualize brokenness.
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Understanding Climate Grief: Navigating Emotions in a Changing World
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Do you find yourself grieving for the loss of our planet's natural beauty and resources? You're not alone. In our latest blog post, we explore the concept of climate grief and how to navigate these complex emotions.
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5 Ways to Use Food as Medicine for Grief and Healing
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Unlock the power of nourishment to heal your grief with these five simple and effective ways to use food as medicine.
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Celebrating Love on Valentine's Day: Honoring the Past and Embracing the Present
Mica Jane
Mica Jane, Reimagine
Celebrate the power of love this Valentine's Day by exploring how loss and adversity can lead to meaningful growth and impact.
Illustration of Black women in community
Exploring the Contributions of Black Women Leaders in the Death and Grief Space
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Explore the contributions of five Black women leaders in the field of death and grief, and learn about their work in creating safe spaces, promoting open and honest conversations, and advocating for culturally-sensitive end-of-life care.
Chris mother Anna Thompson
Honoring the Legacy of My Mother: The Power of Intentional Gratitude and Celebration
Chris Thompson
Chris Thompson, Reimagine
Chapter four of Chris’ story reflects on the recent death of his mother, Anna, and its impact on his family and their grief journey.
Day of the Dead parade in downtown Mexico City
The History and Meaning of Día de Los Muertos
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican festival celebrated since the time of the Aztec Empire. Read the history and meaning behind the holiday.
Moss covered gravestone that reads memento mori remember death
What Does Memento Mori Mean?
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Memento mori is an interesting concept that brings focus to life by remembering death. Learn about this philosophy through history, art, and literature.
Paying homage to ancestors through food offerings at Pitru Paksha
3 Interesting End-Of-Life Festivals From Around the World
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
End-of-life or death rituals have existed throughout history. Let’s look at three interesting end-of-life festivals to honor deceased ancestors to learn more.
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Navigating Grief and Loss: Resources and Support for Families Experiencing Child Loss
Brad Wolfe
Brad Wolfe, Reimagine
Child loss is a devastating experience that affects many families, but it is often not discussed in our culture, making it difficult for families to find support. Discover resources available to help families cope and find positive changes in the struggle with grief.
In a Heartbeat Elyssa Toda
The Lost Heartbeat
Eric Toda
Eric Toda, Reimagine
What I learned about masculinity, fatherhood, and my career after losing our first baby