Meet the team

  • Brad Wolfe

    Brad Wolfe

    Founder & Executive Director

  • Sharla Pidd

    Sharla Pidd

    Director of Development

  • Dara Kosberg

    Dara Kosberg

    Sr. Program Director

  • Andy Ingall

    Andy Ingall

    Senior Programmer

  • Margaret Beim

    Margaret Beim

    Marketing Manager

  • Zubin Desai

    Zubin Desai

    Head of Product & Design

  • Mica Jane

    Mica Jane

    Operations Manager

Board of Directors

  • Jeannie Blaustein

    Jeannie Blaustein

    Founding Board Chair & Adjunct Faculty, Pace University

  • Brad Wolfe

    Brad Wolfe

    Founder & Executive Director, Reimagine

  • Meesha Brown

    Meesha Brown

    President, PCI Media Impact

  • Tim Chang

    Tim Chang

    Managing Partner, Mayfield Fund

  • Mo Clancy

    Mo Clancy

    Co-Founder, Black Acorn Ventures & Five Suns Foods

  • Nick Jennings

    Nick Jennings

    Founding Reimagine Board Member & Vice President, Citi

  • Corey L. Kennard

    Corey L. Kennard

    Lead Pastor, Amplify Christian Church

  • Jonathan Lipps

    Jonathan Lipps

    Director of Learning and Education Programs, HeadSpin

  • Lois Perelson-Gross

    Lois Perelson-Gross

    Founding Reimagine Board Member & Pastoral Care Counselor / Author / Lecturer

  • Jeremy Sutherland

    Jeremy Sutherland

    Founding Reimagine Board Member & Founder/Creative Director, Parka

  • Eric Toda

    Eric Toda

    Global Head of Social Marketing, Facebook

Founding Board Members Emeritus

  • Shoshana Berger

    Shoshana Berger

    Editorial Director, IDEO

  • Ira Byock, M.D.

    Ira Byock, M.D.

    Chief Medical Officer, Providence St. Joseph Health

  • BJ Miller, M.D.

    BJ Miller, M.D.

    Palliative Care Physician, UCSF

  • White man with blue button-down shirt looking at the camera. Sitting casually on metal chair.

    Jason Rissman

    Managing Director, OpenIDEO