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Death over Drafts Happy Hour (in person)!

Hosted by Be Present Care

Death over Drafts Happy Hour (in person)!
Cheers! Join this special DOD Happy Hour to spark curiosity & connection around death & dying. Collaboration:Death Doula LA, The Death Deck, School of American Thanatology, TalkDeath & Be Present Care

Death over Drafts Happy Hour is opportunity for those who serve in the end of life space and the curious to gather. It started with Stefanie Elkins, Eldercare Manager/End-of-Life Doula with Be Present Care along with Jill Schock, Death Doula LA, welcomed others who shared their passions-beer tasting & engaging conversations on death & dying.

Monthly Happy Hours continue at different greater Los Angeles breweries as well as on Zoom.

Special Collaborative DOD HH:

Mandy Benoualid, co-founder and editor of TalkDeath

Stefanie Elkins, founder Be Present Care

Cole Imperi, founder, School of American Thanatology

Lori Lo Cicero & Lisa Pahl, co-creators The Death Deck

Jill Schock founder, Death Doula LA


  • Brewery is in Burbank, CA
  • Event free
  • We will be outside
  • All our welcome
  • You can still come if you don't love beer ;)

To check previous gatherings go to: DOD HH-2020 and Dive into Death YouTube Station

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