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Reimagine Spring Events
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The Grief Language of Imagery

Hosted by Clear Mourning

The Grief Language of Imagery
What happens when the griever uses their imagination? Maybe it’s ‘easier’ to be in the land of wonder than in the land of memories.

Clear Mourning is honored to host Kathy Hoyt, Ph.D. in our upcoming workshop. Kathy and Sarah have worked together to create a workshop around the Grief Language of Imagery. What happens in grief when a griever uses their imagination? For some, this might look like imagining what their loved one would be doing should the person still be alive, for others it might be using their creativity as an outlet. In this workshop, Dr. Hoyt will help attendees channel their imagination as a way to transform and comfort their grief. Together we will build community and find a space to better understand what blocks our grief transformation. Dr. Hoyt will call on her many years as a licensed psychologist as well as her own grief experience to help our Clear Mourning community develop and practice tools for transformation through imagination.

Talk, Panel, & Conversation Workshop


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