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Touching In: Grief in the Body

Touching In: Grief in the Body
This is a gentle exploration on how to access grief through the body. Storytelling together with practical exercises where participants have an experience of working with grief in their body.

This will be a gentle exploration of a variety of ways to access grief through the body. Bilen and Oceana will weave storytelling together with a couple practical exercises that will create the opportunity for participants to have a direct of experience of locating and working with grief in their own body.

This workshop offers participants a real-time experience of the a few of the principles shared in Oceana's upcoming book, "Life, Death, Grief, and the Possibility of Pleasure". More information and pre-order options are available on the website:

Sliding scale available. We hope you can join us!

Oceana Sawyer is an End of Life Doula focused on the liminal space of active dying and grief. She is currently researching and holding space in the realm of embodied grieving in a context of somatic abolitionism. Drawing upon her meditation practices, experience as a sensuality educator, earth-based spirituality, and an intensive study in the expressive arts and integral counseling psychology, she brings a grounded, compassionate presence to her work with individuals and groups. You can follow her on her website and participate in her online grief community on Patreon. Her first book, “Life, Death, Grief and the Possibility of Pleasure” is due out in June 2022

According to Bilen: I am a child of the Horn of Africa, Addis Ababa born and raised, currently based in the unceded territory of the Lenni-Lenape Peoples (colonially known as Brooklyn, NY.) I’m a first-generation immigrant eldest daughter and survivor doing her very best. I am a grief guide and death doula, with an established full spectrum/birth/postpartum doula practice. My care work is grounded in liberatory practices of reclaiming agency and providing pathways to empowered experiences in life’s monumental transitions. My primary role is to offer physical, emotional, and informational support, filling in the gaps where our interdependence needs tend to go unmet during some of the most difficult to navigate moments in our lives. I aim to be a resource by providing non-judgmental support so that clients make well-informed and embodied decisions while leveraging my extensive referral network of care providers. I am deeply committed to offering accessible, culturally competent, and LGBTQIA+ affirming care. I am truly honored to continue to develop offerings in various areas of care work. I hold a BA in Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College and an MA in Social Science from Humboldt State University.


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