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Loss, Life & Love Virtual Festival
This event was part of Loss, Life & Love Virtual Festival

What if I’m The Last One to Die?

Hosted by Leimert Park

What if I’m The Last One to Die?
A Financial Planning & Logistics Workshop hosted by bankruptcy attorney and financial awareness/literacy educator, Misty Wilks, will ask to think about how their lives would be impacted financially if someone close to them dies. Will emotional grief be exacerbated by financial distress? What ‘death’ costs should we consider, and how can we prepare?

Led by bankruptcy attorney and financial awareness/literacy educator Misty Wilks, Esq. this workshop highlights considerations and needs to be addressed before a spouse or partner’s death. As a long-time Leimert Park activist, Wilks has found that a significant portion of her bankruptcy clients are women (often seniors) whose husbands have passed away, usually with little or no life insurance. Often, if there is a home, the wife’s name isn’t on the deed adding more complication and expense.

Women in particular, but everyone in general, need to take a critical look NOW at what life will look like THEN. No matter who in our sphere passes before us, every death will have an emotional impact, but the financial impact can be devastating. This open, safe space and interactive session will encourage participants to examine their current finances (monthly expenses, household income, etc.) and how, without their spouse/partner, their lives might change.

Join this workshop to investigate alternative sources of income, how to be added to a real estate deed, whether a living trust is necessary, Transfer on Death Deeds and Pay on Death accounts, and more.

Born and raised in Leimert Park, CA, Misty earned a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Southern California before attending Howard University School of Law. As a lifelong entrepreneur, serial volunteer and believer that life is about collecting great stories, and learning/experiencing as of the world as possible – Misty has explored many endeavors. She’s taught law to students from 29 countries, owned several businesses – one of which (“Run Us Around”) received national media attention - teaches and invests in the stock market, real estate & crypto, is a former Los Angeles Commissioner and more!

Misty now manages WilksLaw, a bi-coastal law and consultancy practice focusing on homeownership preservation, debt reduction, and credit building through bankruptcy, and also advocacy & support for disenfranchised low-income stakeholders and the organizations that support them.


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