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Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.
This event was part of Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.

Doulaship from Birth to End of Life

Hosted by Leimert Park

Doulaship from Birth to End of Life
A panel conversation that will explore the weight of loss throughout the continuum, from birth to the end of life.

This event will be held at the Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center in Leimert Park.

Hosted by activist Erin Wimberly.

In birth work and end of life work, we encounter loss in different ways. Sometimes it is the loss of a seed by voluntary termination, an infant through miscarriage or still birth, the loss of identity for the parents, the loss of an elder or an unexpected loss of a loved one of any age.

There are ways to prepare for and move through the emotions and changes that come along with this loss. Join us as we go deep to share what those changes and emotions have been for people in our community. We will identify, feel and release the big emotions associated with loss so that we can better direct or accept the change that comes along with loss.


Talk, Panel, & Conversation
End-of-Life Planning