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Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.
This event was part of Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.

Get in Here and Play! Improv Workshop for Caregivers

Hosted by Leimert Park

Get in Here and Play! Improv Workshop for Caregivers
Get out of your comfort zone and get ready to play! This interactive improv workshop is designed for caregivers who provide assistance through serious illness, aging, and beyond.

Centered on laughter, imagination, communication and team building, this workshop will focus on self awareness, vulnerability and accountability. Having a heart of play and fun is key to connecting with the human spirit.

Come learn how to bring light, openness, and humor to your caregiving. Exercise using posture, eye contact, pauses, body language, public speaking and vocal energy to develop a greater impact for your message. Add some joy to your practice and bring smiles to the communities you serve.

Hosted by Yazmin Monet Watkins, a poet, comedian, writer, actress, educator and organizer. Touring her intimate yet political poetry from Obama’s White House to Johannesburg, and empowering students from Harvard to youth prisons, Watkins' body of work weaves art and activism, exploring the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, self-love and all things Black Girl Magic. A Posse scholar and a graduate of Dickinson College, Watkins' work combines art and activism, providing critical artistic outlets for audiences to self advocate and heal. Watkins has developed pilots with Netflix and Comedy Central alongside Paul Downs, Lucia Aniello and the all Black female comedy group, Obama’s Other Daughters. You can see their work on their Comedy Central show and their Shondaland podcast You Down? Watkins serves as the co-chair of the Arts & Culture committee for Black Lives Matter Los Angeles. Once Beyoncé said she liked her hair.


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