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Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.
This event was part of Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.

How To Talk About Me When I’m Gone

Hosted by Leimert Park

How To Talk About Me When I’m Gone
What actions do you want your family/friends to take (or not take) when you die? In this workshop, we will face this hard question, explore options, and create your personal, honest, and clearly expressed “Exit Plan” for a life exit that satisfies one’s own soul.

What actions do you want your family and friends to take or not take when you die? Have you been avoiding this conversation?

This workshop offers interactive activities to guide you on creating a life “Exit Plan” that satisfies your soul. Burial or cremation? Funeral or party? Is your ex invited or banned? Many leave loved ones without any clear information about their after-death wishes. And COVID19 has altered many death customs and rituals.

Participants will receive information on new options, discuss relevant questions, share stories, and use literature and music as inspiration to create a personal, honest, and clearly expressed plan in a supportive environment.

This event is hosted by S. Pearl Sharp, Author, poet, filmmaker, radio producer, and creativity coach, S. Pearl’s work over the past six decades has focused on cultural arts, Black Diaspora history, and wellness. An astute observer of how the living deal with death and dying led her to create Uncertain Rituals, an audio collection of short stories, the stage play Dearly Beloved, and the forthcoming poetry chapbook What You Left Behind. Her essays and commentaries have been heard on NPR and Pacifica Radio, she’s the author of the non-fiction Black Women For Beginners and The Evening News, and her award-winning documentary films include The Healing Passage/ Voices From The Water.

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End-of-Life Planning