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Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.
This event was part of Loss, Life & Love Street Festival L.A.

Memorialize Lost Loved Ones with Crane Making/Folding

Hosted by Leimert Park

Memorialize Lost Loved Ones with Crane Making/Folding
Explore the Japanese tradition of folding paper cranes as a way of honoring loved loves lost to COVID. With the Memorial Crane Project and the volunteer team, including youth from the Knowledge Shop, we will together make paper cranes.

Presented by Memorial Crane Project

Honoring the Japanese traditional belief that if an individual folds 1,000 cranes, their travels into the next life will be graced with eternal good luck, good health, peace, and safety. The Knowledge Shop youth and adult team members will assist participants in making cranes that represent the loved ones they have lost to COVID.

Building on the first installation (a maze with almost 7,500 cranes!) suspended with copper wire that invited visitors to contemplate those we lost. The intricately folded birds were hung with copper wire because that particularly conductive metal brings light into our lives and homes, as did those who we lost, and the electric energy can help to create connection, redefine, transform, and evolve our grief, feelings of separation, isolation, and helplessness into compassion and a greater understanding of our common humanness, united with a growing respect for one other.

"You are not a single drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in one single drop." - Rumi

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