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A Celebration of Life After Death

A Celebration of Life After Death
Have a spiritual living experience embracing the life after death, with traditional music, Aztec ritual and dance, altars blessing, enjoy some Mexican snacks, and children's arts and crafts.

“Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them.”

We are so used to seeing the death as a sad event in our lives, but for Latino community especially Mexican culture who celebrate Day of the Dead, view death as a welcoming part of life, were our soul would continue its life in another form or in another place.

This cultural event will explain to all the community how to remember, honor and celebrate our loved ones who passed away. It will be a fest of color, unique in traditions with offerings and meaning of life and death.

We are inviting our community to be part of this celebration, leaving a candle light at one of our colorful altars in memory of those who are no longer with us. They can leave a photo of those who passes away, bring flowers and even some favorite food at our altars to honor your love ones. And at the same time, we invite you to participate in our Tree of Life, where you can hang your thoughts and names of your loved ones.

Part of our celebration will bring music from our senior choir "Coro Solera" who will be singing remembrance songs that can bring us to a moment of embrace the life after death.


Food Ritual & Ceremony Workshop