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A Trip From Life To Death Through Tarot Card Reading

A Trip From Life To Death Through Tarot Card Reading
Reimagine a different conversation about death through a Tarot Card reading with Sara James. Experience a one-on-one reading and history of Tarot as it relates to our mortality.

The first step in creating a different conversation about death is to normalize talking about it. Most of the time fear of death is wrapped up in some sort of pathology. We rarely have interesting personal conversations about it even as murder shows and horror movies make millions. As a society we are transfixed and in avoidance at the same time.

Tarot is a perfect way to cultivate conversation and serve as a bridge between these polar cultural feelings. Tarot tells a story of how time is running out from the day you are born and gives guidance and a path to live the best life you can even as you are dying.

With Tarot, getting the death card can ignite fear in people, who tend to minimize the fear and impact it's having it by leveling it to mean transformation. In reality, the death card itself is rarely about someone actually dying and it's not really about transformation, although it can lead to that. It is in fact about death.

When Tarot was created in the 15th century, people didn't have the avoidance problems that we have today. Death was a daily reality and when people died you washed, buried and grieved all out in the open for everyone to see. Most people lived closer to the land they farmed. They saw the seasons passing and witnessed the coming of night. Harvest was a time to celebrate, because people back then knew death was coming and wanted to make sure they were ready when their time came.

That's the world that the Tarot comes from and a world that can provide an insightful pathway of conversation and understanding about mortality. Please join in on a one-on-one reading session that will be guaranteed to provide an exciting journey that will leave you with something to love and celebrate.

This event will be featured as part of our Reimagine Community Gatherings. These gatherings are an opportunity for the community to come together at our Reimagine Hub to enjoy light food, refreshments, and commingle together.

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