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Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death.
SF Bay Area October 24 – November 03, 2019

A Workshop for Examining Your Personal Death Awareness

Hosted by

Morgan West, Audre Mowry, East Bay Agency for Children, Circle of Care

A Workshop for Examining Your Personal Death Awareness

Saturday, October 26


2540 Charleston St
Oakland, CA 94602
Join us as we lead participants through an experience of examining one's relationship to their own mortality through the completion of a Personal Death Awareness Inventory.

In this workshop, participants will explore their relationship with their own mortality by completing a Personal Death Awareness Inventory. There will be opportunities for quiet personal reflection, artistic expression, small group processing, and larger group shares and experiences.

East Bay Agency for Children's Circle of Care will be our host for this workshop. Circle of Care provides Grief Support Groups in Oakland and Hayward for families with children who have experienced the death of a parent, significant caregiver, or other family member.

Morgan West is a homebirth midwife and Program Support Specialist to Circle of Care. Audre Mowry, AMFT and Oakland Program Coordinator for Circle of Care. Morgan and Audre will lead you through the process of completing your 'PDA' and offer opportunities to interact with your fellow workshop participants to be witnessed, feel more connected, and explore taboo topics while being supported by others.


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