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Cancer Cafe and Writing Workshop

Cancer Cafe and Writing Workshop
Using performance, Judith demonstrates a role reversal, from chronic pain specialist to patient diagnosed with cancer. Facilitated writing, reflection and discussion will be our tools for deepening.

Donations requested ($15 at door) No one turned away for lack of funds.

Using solo performance as a prompt, Judith C. demonstrates an unusual role reversal, transitioning from pain specialist provider to patient diagnosed with cancer. Based on actual conversations with providers, we gain unparalleled insight into the medical establishment and the journey and choices faced by a person with a catastrophic diagnosis.

Rabbi Chaya Gusfield, palliative care chaplain, will guide us interweaving reflection time for short writings that can often reveal ideas and stories we had not thought of previously. We will wrap up the evening with a discussion relying on our experience of the show through our writings and reflections. We will see how our collective thinking brought us through the evening. Bring a journal.

“I've worked for 30 years and Judith C. goes further than anyone I've encountered. She gets the awful contrasts of fear and courage, agency and impotence, armor and vulnerability.”

—David Ford, “the dean of solo performance,” SF Chronicle

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