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Care-Giving and Care-Receiving at the End of Life

Hosted by UCSF

Care-Giving and Care-Receiving at the End of Life
This experiential/educational workshop includes information, music, poetry and story-telling to foster confidence and resiliency as we care for our friends, family, community at the end of life.

The MERI CENTER for Education in Palliative Care at UCSF/Mount Zion is thrilled to offer a one-day workshop to help deepen our relationship to living and dying.

We ALL will be in positions to be "end of life doulas" at some time--assisting friends and loved ones at the end of life, yet most people have little training or understanding about what it means to "show up" at this delicate part of our life on earth. This workshop will be a first step in facing our own mortality, which is key to serving others.

This is a free event AND donations will be gratefully accepted!

Offered by:

Redwing Keyssar, RN, Author, Director of Patient and Care-giver Education at the MERI Center. Redwing has 30 years of experience as a "midwife to the dying," nurse, educator and presenter.

Jami Sieber, RN, is an internationally known electric Cellist, composer and vocalist. Jami's music offers a portal into healing that is unique and exceptional. She is also seasoned in hospice and palliative care.