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Climate Anxiety Listening Sessions

Climate Anxiety Listening Sessions
Overwhelmed by the existential threat of the climate crisis? Join our listening sessions, where you'll have a safe space to voice and hear concerns, and move beyond anxiety towards action together.

We understand that the beautiful system of life that has supported humanity for hundreds of thousands of years is being destroyed. We know how overwhelming the prospects of this are and how difficult it is to face the threat that climate change is posing on your own.

In an effort to counteract the paralysis of anxiety and work towards systemic change, Extinction Rebellion is hosting climate anxiety listening sessions. These sessions are designed to provide a space to interact with and hear the concerns regular people have over the existential threat of the climate crisis. By voicing our anxieties with others, we can move beyond our emotions, face the reality of climate change, and join together in a peaceful rebellion against extinction. Come join in on this offering that's fueled by conversation, determination, and love for life on earth.

  • Introductory Talk: 6:00-6:15pm
  • Safe Space Voicing & Listening Sessions: 6:15-7:30pm

This event will be featured as part of our Reimagine Community Gatherings. These gatherings are an opportunity for the community to come together at our Reimagine Hub to enjoy light food, refreshments, and commingle together.