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San Francisco Bay Area
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Create Collaborative Ephemeral Art with Nature

Hosted by Elemental Arts

Create Collaborative Ephemeral Art with Nature
Join us in creating an enormous artwork on the beach during low tide and then watch it wash away while contemplating the impermanence of all things.

Elemental Arts facilitates group collaborative art making experiences using natural materials in natural locations. Every month we offer public workshops. Our general theme revolves around topics of impermanence, and this gathering we will engage the topic of mortality, our connection to it, and its place in many cultures.

This event will be happening at the beach during low tide, using rakes to 'paint' on the wet sand. Enormous artworks can be achieved through the collective effort, only to then have it begin washing away by the returning tide, offering an opportunity to contemplate it own connection to impermanence.

You'll be guided through techniques and activities that we familiarize you with the tools and medium as well as connecting to and expanding your creativity and spontaneity. We'll end with aerial photos and a closing circle.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop