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Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond

Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond
What is the relationship between art + tech + death + life? This collaborative data art installation explores these questions.

Part of the ongoing art exhibition - "Beyond the Ripples" - at The Laundry throughout Reimagine.

This data art installation, created by Kristin Henry, produced in collaboration with Reimagine End of LIfe and Codame Art + Tech Festival, explores these questions. Data Meditations: An Abstract Koi Pond debuts, in its first iteration, at GitHub San Francisco during the Codame Art + Tech Festival (October 25-27, 2019).

The piece will then travel to The Laundry SF for the remainder of Reimagine from Oct. 28 - Nov. 3. On Nov. 2, at the Friends of Reimagine SF Celebration Party, the creative team behind the piece will discuss the math and musings behind their process.

In the code driven data art piece, abstract koi fish swim slowly, periodically releasing bubbles of remembrance. The data in the art work comes from ReImagine End of Life’s 2019 online questionnaire about death, dying, living and remembering and Participants who agreed to anonymously share their responses with the art project.


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