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Death over Dim Sum

Death over Dim Sum
A community conversation about end-of-life planning where you (and your 奶奶) can order dumplings with a side of your most burning questions about end of life planning.

Death over Dim Sum is a bilingual discussion and dinner experience that brings together local end-of-life experts and Asian Americans of all ages.

Each table has an order form akin to a traditional dim sum service, except instead of food items listed, you will decide on topics, questions, and conversation starters. Together with your table, you will decide on what items to “order” from the form.

The categories of questions you can order from include: green burial, estate and financial planning, end of life doulas, palliative care, celebrations of life, funeral planning, and more.

We hope to start a conversation between generations in a culture where discussion of death is often taboo.

Rest assured, conversation won’t be the only thing served! We will provide food, tea, and activities to fuel participants into the evening.

All materials will be served in both English and Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese.)


“吃點心談往生” 是將本地的美籍華人和一些對生命終結有認識的專業人士,聚集一起以中英雙語對話的聚會和晚餐。

每張餐桌上都有一張類似傳統的點心單。 但點心單上讓你點的不是食物,而是一些主題,問題和各種話題。 你和同桌的人可以從點心單上決定點些什麼題目。






Advance Care Planning Food Talk, Panel, & Conversation