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Energy Protection Stones

Energy Protection Stones
Artist Talk and Workshop: The process of making is the process of healing. To Wear, To Hold, To Carry, or To Give Away. NOTE: This is a private event for Mercy Housing.

Significant meaning to making, according to Thompson and Janigian is the “ability to develop new goals and purpose, or to construct a sense of self that incorporates the significance of an experience.”

This workshop is dedicated to everyone who is living day to day and is dealing with some form of loss. This workshop will support the fact that we are not alone and we have support, we are a part of life.

Workshop Steps:

1.Artist Talk, Intro Project

2. Hands on Demonstration

3. Time to Make Objects

4. Transform into Necklaces

5. Reflection and Closing

NOTE: This is a private event for Mercy Housing.

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Visual Art Workshop