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Reimagine Finale: One for the Ages - Intergenerational Dance Party & Street Fair

Hosted by

KindSF + Reimagine

We’re literally taking over the streets for a Bay Area event like no other. Millennials, seniors, kids, and everyone in between. Building on last year's sold out city hall event with Daybreaker, get ready for the grooviest intergenerational dance party the Bay Area has ever seen. Dance to honor the parts of life that matter most to us--our loved ones, our friends, our communities, and our planet. Plus free entry to the Asian art museum, a farmer’s market, a giant conversation dome, food trucks and more.

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Last year, in partnership with Daybreaker, Reimagine hosted the first-ever intergenerational dance experience inside City Hall...but it wasn't enough. This year, the City of San Francisco gave us the entire city block!

On Sunday morning, November 3rd, in partnership with KindSF, let's take over the streets in front of City Hall and show the world that age is but a number. As the closing event of this year's Reimagine SF festival, we're inviting hundreds of seniors (we like to call them "Master Citizens" cuz let's be honest, they spent 567,840 hours getting to 65 years old) to join millennials, kids, and everyone in between on the same dance floor. Our goal is to get down with our neighbors, honor the people we love, and create a powerful and positive symbol that breaks down ageist taboos. Let's defy the generation gap...and dance.

9 am: SILENT DISCO YOGA & CLEAN STREETS // DIRTY BEATS (part of Reimagine Earth)

Warm up with group yoga led by the amazing Kirin Power, backed by an exclusive DJ from Bay Area legend Yemanjo. Then grab some headphones and join KindSF for their signature experience: Clean Streets // Dirty Beats - a silent disco trash pickup! Experience the power we hold as a community in this closing event for the Reimagine Earth arc, while dancing to an exclusive pre-recorded DJ set spun up by The Human Experience.


Why do we let age stop us? Why do we let pointless perceptions divide us? This event breaks down the taboos. Grab your mom, kid, friend, grandpa, or neighbor. Then snag an outfit from your favorite decade, and head to the center of the city! There will be hits from each era!


We conclude with a beautiful live art ceremony to honor the parts of life that matter most to us--our loved ones, our friends, our communities, and our planet. Plus, Alonzo King Lines Ballet, giant conversation dome, food trucks, and, nearby, enjoy free entry to the Asian Art Museum and visit the Heart of the City Farmers Market in UN Plaza.


  • Morning Altar by artist Day Schildkret
  • Third Space Dome by artist Tobi Adamolekun
  • Alonzo Lines Ballet
  • Food Trucks
  • Free entry to the Asian Art Museum
  • Fulton Street Farmer's Market
  • Conversation Picnic with the Palliative Care Work Group
  • Animals!!!
  • And more....

100% of proceeds for this donation-based event will go to Reimagine. This organization is sparking conversations to transform our approach to aging, dying, grieving...and living, y'all, so memento mori and carpe diem!

Let's bring San Francisco together to be a true home for all community members — no matter what our age is. It's gonna be everything.


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