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Reimagine End of Life is a week exploring big questions about life and death.
SF Bay Area October 24 – November 03, 2019

Group Exhibition: Beyond the Ripples

Hosted by

The Laundry, Reimagine

Group Exhibition: Beyond the Ripples

Sunday, October 27


3359 26th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Beyond the Ripples, a group art exhibition featuring 12 local artists, explores the edge between the rich human experience and the great unknown.

The Laundry Gallery and Reimagine End of Life are pleased to present Beyond the Ripples, a group exhibition including works by Anna Basalev-Binder, Morgan Brown, Codame, Veronica DeJesus, Jenny Feinberg, Elysa Fenenbock, Hillary Goidell, Jose Guerra, Collin Mceachran, Lois Perelson-Gross, Anna Rotty, Naz Khorram and Storied: San Francisco.

In addition to 8:00am-3:00pm on Sunday, October 27, the exhibition will be open to view during the Reimagine Community Gatherings from 5:00-7:30pm between October 28-31.

Beyond the Ripples explores the edge between the rich human experience and the great unknown. Each work reveals a new ripple of inquiry into the generous portal of vulnerability, loss, grief, injustice and healing—so we may better navigate these depths and in turn strengthen as a community.

As a multi-disciplinary collection of works, each share a strong integrity of purpose, while offering a complex narrative with both abstracted and conceptual threads of inquiry. Each artist shares a thread leading to their creative process, offering an invitation for a deep-dive scope of conversation to emerge and develop. Beyond the Ripples encourages this dialog through an open engagement of listening, feeling and interactive activations. Through this cross-pollination of mediums a culmination of questions are revealed.

Join us as we follow the ripples...

Watercolor Image Above by @jennyfeinberg


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