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Heart to Heart® Café (in English)

Heart to Heart® Café (in English)
Heart to Heart® Cafe is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending.

Please join us, in a warm and caring environment, to find the peace of mind that comes with planning for the inevitable.

At a Heart to Heart® Café, a group of people play Heart to Heart® cards, choosing cards and sharing what is important about the issues end cards raises. Then identify their action plans for carrying out their end-of-life wishes.

The Heart to Heart® Café is for those whose life is threatened by injury or disease. However, it is also designed to help perfectly healthy people make their wishes know to their loved ones when they are able to communicate their preferences.

The Café takes about two hours. It is led by CACCC trainee Heart to Heart® Café Facilitators. This Café is in English. And the Heart to Heart® Cards are sponsored by AARP.

For more information, please send email to, or call us at 866-661-5687, or view the following videos: (English) (Chinese)


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