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Honoring The Black Dead: From Demise to Royal Return

Honoring The Black Dead: From Demise to Royal Return
A visual eulogy of the Black dead, especially those who have come upon death violently and at the hands of the state. Ritual space to transmute the Black experience towards peaceful death.

Prominent in the history of Black femmes is the weaving of archival data with story telling, eulogy with resistance, and the art-full upkeep of life within the realities of death. This event is an offering in that same lineage.

Come witness a one-night-only visual immersive and ritual healing event put on by Olka Baldeh from The Black Moon Podcast. If you have experienced anger or frustration over the unjust killing of a Black person or the genocidal effects of global anti-Blackness, this is the event for you. We will be grounding selves in the reality of the present moment and will be visioning and spell-casting for a liberated Black future (yes even in dying).

The Black Moon Podcast (BMP) deepens knowledge about the stories of Black people who have died and situates their death in the societal context in which they died. As an antithesis to viral trauma-porn and hashtags centered around the last moments of life, BMP uses storytelling to remediate and act upon the collective impact of experiencing the death of Black people online. BMP additionally interrogates current understandings of death and holds space for collective healing. This event will be a visual and ritual mirror of the podcast.

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