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How Children Die: Insights of Pediatric Palliative Care

How Children Die:  Insights of Pediatric Palliative Care
How can we talk about and reflect upon the death of a child? Learn about the experiences of medical professionals and families with childhood death and bereavement in a unique medical setting.

Our growing awareness of death and bereavement in our society has largely left children and their bereaved family members out of the conversation.

Hear experts in pediatric palliative care speak at George Mark Children's House (GMCH), the first free-standing pediatric palliative care home, along with families whose children have died at GMCH to explore how end of life care has impacted a family's ability to function after a child's death. We will look at both a "good death" and at the death of a child that was particularly complex and challenged the palliative care team.

Finally, we will ask a family who is planning to use GMCH for the final days of their son's life, to discuss how they made their decision, and how GMCH has influenced their son and the whole family in dealing with the eventuality of his death. We will provide child care for families and supportive activities to enhance the experience for all who attend.


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