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How To Avoid Probate

Hosted by nFormed

How To Avoid Probate
A WILL DOES NOT AVOID PROBATE! Learn how to avoid probate and save you and your family the paperwork and financial grief of probate. Protect the equity in your home from probate claims.

Every year, beneficiaries lose billions of dollars of their inheritance to probate fees.

Join us for a workshop and a Probate Toolkit to help you and your survivors understand and avoid the probate court.

  • Do you know who will inherit your property? Why is the way you hold title to your home or name a beneficiary on a beneficiary form is as important as your will or your trust.
  • If you own a home in California - do you understand the financial value of keeping your home out of probate?
  • Do you know a free gmail account or a debate on where to bury your body can involve the probate court?
  • Have you organized the information your survivors must know after your death?

Follow along as we complete the property worksheets and probate checklists included in the Probate Toolkit.


Advance Care Planning Workshop