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Inman Energetics presents: Sound baths in the garden

Inman Energetics presents: Sound baths in the garden
Let's reimagine the sound bath. Inman Energetics serves individual sound table demonstrations in a serene garden setting - the Courtyard of Asherah at the Sword & Rose in Cole Valley.

Inman’s sound healing is a personal journey into the depths of your physical and metaphysical being. Laying on a sound table (a massage table with bass transducers on the bottom lined up with your heart chakra and base chakra) with headphones, eye mask (and a blanket if you run cold) you can leave the outside world behind for a break and go deeper into relaxation, meditation and different brain wave states.

With a practitioner who understands your personal situation, a sound bath can be designed specifically for you. Inman uses many different songs on the sound table and also uses pure frequency if you prefer that. Binaural beats come to life on the table, resonating through your body.

Harnessing the science of Cymatics we will explore altering your mental and energetic state with sound. We will discuss how this work can help you live your life more fully and how its applications at the end of life can help people in transition experience comfort, unconditional love and relaxation.

What if you could have sound healing whenever you wanted? Now, you can with Inman Energetics’ technology.

Includes 10 minutes on the sound table.

Suggested donation: $13

No one turned away for lack of funds.


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