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Life After Loss: A Mindful Approach to Grief and Loss

Hosted by Mary Anne Cook

Life After Loss: A Mindful Approach to Grief and Loss
Grief affects in our lives and our work. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of grief, what to expect when experiencing a loss, and learn tools to better cope with the effects of grief.

Grief can be emotionally overwhelming and confusing, and can affect a person’s ability to cope successfully in both their personal and professional life. In this small group setting we learn to honor grief as the healthy, natural response to loss, and how to transform the pain and isolation that often accompany loss into an opportunity for understanding and growth.

This interactive workshop will take through what you can expect when you are grieving, teach you tools to cope with your experience, and provide a space where you can share your feelings in a supportive, respectful environment. Using mindfulness and the power of group support, participants develop a greater sense of ease in day-to-day life as they learn to live with their losses.

The workshop begins with time to quiet the mind and reflect on one’s grief experience. From there, the facilitator provides time for:

· Group members to express thoughts & feelings about their loss

· Learning about the nature of grief and the journey to healing

· Discovering mindfulness skills to ease adjustment to the loss

· Discussion and experiential exercises

Participants will come away from the workshop with a deeper understanding of the nature of the grief process, what they can expect when they or someone in their lives are experiencing a loss, and learn how to better cope with the effects of grief. They will also each be given a handbook to refer back to at the end of the session.

NOTE: This is a private event for Curry Senior Center staff.

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