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Life, Death & Creativity

Life, Death & Creativity
Join a hands-on studio “workshop” weaving Jewish sacred texts with expressive art-making to explore “Kaddish,” a traditional & mysterious prayer recited by mourners that doesn’t mention death or God.

Each one of us has the ability to imagine, ask questions, play and wrestle with the raw materials of our lives to bring new insights into the world. In a Jewish context, our creativity can bring forth unique voices and diverse perspectives, making our tradition more vibrant and relevant.

Join us for a creative hands-on “workshop” exploring the traditional—and mysterious—prayer that mourners recite, the “Kaddish”—a prayer that doesn’t mention death or God. What do we experience when we face death through the loss of those we love? Why is Kaddish a plea for a more just and humane world?

Together we will use the Jewish Studio Process—a dynamic methodology that weaves together Jewish learning with expressive art-making—as a way into exploring our associations with death and mourning.

The experience offers an opportunity for us to investigate our sacred texts, surface our questions, and envision new possibilities for ourselves and our world. No prior background or experience necessary.

Visual Art