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Listening to Lizbeth

Listening to Lizbeth
Sandra Fish is a gifted actress, beautiful writer, and dear friend – especially to Lizbeth. After Lizbeth's diagnosis, Sandy's life shifts dramatically, and she is going to tell us all about that.

Storyteller, writer, and actress Sandy Fish says this about her story of love, living while dying, and caring for one's dearest friend right up until their last breath:

"I've written this 90-minute piece and read it to audiences of 1 to 200, in a variety of venues and locales, ranging from dinner party atmospheres in Berkeley/Marin, tiny apartments, grand homes, The Gilda’s Club in Manhattan, and more. Whenever anyone asks me to read, I am delighted to be able to sit with living people and tell a tale of dying—a true tale that emphasized for me– “Love and death are the great gifts given to us….”


Karl Vick, Time Magazine Bureau Chief writes:

“ 'Listening to Lizabeth' provided one of the most moving evenings of my life. Sandra Fish’s talents as a writer and a performer, if only reading, come to a profound place here, one we all get to eventually and, in this remarkable piece, both alone and together.”

From Joan Evans, Massage Therapist & Health Motivator:

"She captured all the agony and ecstasy and makes it so natural and do-able. I would recommend that everyone experiences ‘Listening to Lizabeth’ . It is a must if you’re going to be support for your loved ones’ passing.”

Hospice Social Worker Karina S. says:

“It was a magical experience that really opened my heart....”

Hospice volunteer Kelley M. writes:

“I make a point to attend one of Sandy’s readings at least once a year. It’s a gift I give to myself.... If I had to pick one word to describe the experience, it would be healing. Sandy is gifted at sharing the universal poetry of life and loss and love, and laughter."

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