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Love Letters to the Dying or Already Deceased

Love Letters to the Dying or Already Deceased
Let Janet and Tresa help you create your own original "work of heart” for a loved one still with us or someone gone from this earth – a message treasured for now and generations to come.

“How can you say “I love you," and "good-bye?”

Is a good-bye letter really a good-bye? You may be in for a surprise.

Is it ever too late to send a letter to someone who has already passed? No.

Where can you send a letter to the deceased? You have so many choices.

Can you really make your thoughts and words felt forever? Absolutely.

This is a hands-on experience for those who often don’t know what to say or how to say it. You will be guided through the process of composing your unique “work of heart” in the best way possible. Your way.

Whether to the dying, to those already gone, to the grieving, or as your own final words, a love letter is your best self put to paper. Love letters change lives in unimaginable and unpredictable ways. And, they have been known to improve the physical and mental health of both senders and receivers.

You have an enormous power to elevate the spirit for generations to come. Using that power is a gift.