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Millennials & Mortality: (Shabbat) Dinner Edition

Millennials & Mortality: (Shabbat) Dinner Edition
Millennials are hardly the typical audience for a conversation about death, but we have stories to share and questions to ask. Come ready to listen, laugh, remember, and celebrate among new friends.

Millennials are rarely included in conversations about death, but being seen as too young to think about it doesn’t preclude us from facing it in response to personal and global loss, or while contemplating existential questions and life goals. We struggle to find communities where we feel safe discussing death, grieving loss, and planning for our own ends-of-life, but that changes tonight.

Through conversation, laughter, sharing, and food, this program will allow us to engage with others who are interested in or share our experiences.**

We request that only individuals between ages 23-38 attend this event. If you’re outside this range and want to learn more from millennials working in aging and death, please join us at Millennials and Mortality: A Young Adult View on Aging and Death.

**This program is being hosted with the help of The Kitchen SF. Shabbat rituals will be celebrated, but you do not need to be Jewish to attend! Dinner will be dairy/vegetarian.


Food Talk, Panel, & Conversation