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No Regrets: Translating Wisdom of the Dying into Daily Life

No Regrets: Translating Wisdom of the Dying into Daily Life
“I wish I had…” Will you look back on your life with fulfillment, or share the common regrets of the dying? Join us for some big-picture reflection, and leave with insights & tools for daily practice.

“I wish I had…”

Bronnie Ware’s famous study on the five most common regrets of the dying offers a powerful springboard for reflection -- am I living a life that I’ll look back on with fondness and fulfillment, or am I making day-to-day decisions that will add up to long-term regrets?

It’s not often that we take time to reflect on these questions, and even when we do, we land on insights too abstract or too big to tackle in one day. “I need to take better care of my body” or “I want to spend more time with family” sound great… but what do they look like when you wake up tomorrow morning?

In this uplifting and empowering workshop, we’ll tackle some big questions around what fulfilling life means to us, and explore how to use values-based decision making and other practical tools to translate our big-picture insights into daily life, starting today.

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