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San Francisco Bay Area
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One Last Thing: Interactive Installation

Hosted by Elysa Fenenbock

One Last Thing: Interactive Installation
This interactive art installation offers a space for you to send and receive messages to those you've lost.

How might I continue to feel your presence now that you’re gone?

To allow ourselves to love fully, truly and deeply is to open ourselves to loss, sadness, and grief.

This is being human.

This is heartbreak.

This is beauty.

The smell of a favorite meal, the sun on our skin, the touch of a loved one, the last glimpse of the moon as it rests for the night. These awe-filled experiences are often countered by awful experiencesthe loss of a relationship, of a loved one, of childhood, self.

In loss, a soundtrack repeats, if I could—hear her laugh, feel his kiss, be held, be felt and understood—just one more time.

What if you could?

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art