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San Francisco Bay Area
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A photographic exhibition referencing the vulnerability of letting go in the presence of another. Rotty works to create a world questioning escapism and shifting to another state of being.

Part of the ongoing art exhibition - "Beyond the Ripples" - at The Laundry throughout Reimagine.

In Phosphene (the stimulation of the visual system other than by light), Rotty explores the experience of contemplation in solitude. She attempts to understand the difficulty of turning oneself inward in reflection. She is curious if it is possible to see all our human multitudes in the vulnerable presence of one another, and aims to demonstrate the limitations and opportunities found in dark space for introspection. The moving projections surrounding the subjects offer possible imagery that appears behind their closed eyes, drifting off to the unconscious or to another state of being. Perhaps light can penetrate more clearly in a void.

These photographs are cyanotypes, made from digital negatives, exposed in sunlight, and developed in water. They are finally toned from their traditional blue color to black in yerba mate.

Visual Art