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San Francisco Bay Area
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Poetry as Medicine

Hosted by CIIS

Poetry as Medicine
Poetry as "healing medicine" dates back to Ancient Greece. Neuroscience today posits that "poetic engagement activates the brain, allowing a deeper understanding to emerge activating healing."

Avenues for healing suffering and loss include poetry as "medicine for the soul."

In this hour, Ricki Pollycove, an experienced physician, award winning poet, Jane Hirshfield will offer an experience of poetry as a portal for navigating death and loss with heart and mind open to these experiences as a potent and healing gift, unavoidable parts of a fully human life.

Music as evocative medicine for the soul will accompany this session. Attendees will be invited to sink into deep listening, feeling, thinking, resonating and the navigating compass that poetry's hearing, reading, and writing can offer.

paths through experiences of loss, mourning, grief, anxiety and fear.

For those who are curious about "Poetry as Therapy" this moving introduction may create a new avenue for self expression and understanding.

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