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San Francisco Bay Area
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Potluck Connect

Hosted by Stephanie Thoma

Potluck Connect
Did your grandparent have a signature dish? Did you have a favorite meal with your parent or parental-figure? Prepare and share a dish and a story commemorating a loved one who has passed on.

Bring: a dish commemorating someone who's passed, or one that makes you feel most nourished and alive.

We'll engage in conversation about the loss of life, belongings or relationships, our fears and our hopes, and how these experiences that feel alienating ultimately connect us.

We'll gather a private backyard with twinkle lights, so please wear some layers in case it's cool outside.

About the host:

Stephanie Thoma is an IRL connection advocate and networking strategy coach based in San Francisco. She is excited to be a returning host for San Francisco's second annual Reimagine festival, broaching a topic that we universally experience, but talk about less often.

She believes in the power of community, having attended/hosted 550+ events since 2016. In her coaching and workshop practice, Stephanie helps introverts unlock their in-person networking potential, uncover limiting beliefs, build confidence and establish authentic relationships at work and in life.


Food Storytelling