San Francisco Bay Area

Reflection Pool: Compassionate Listening & Contemplation

Reflection Pool: Compassionate Listening & Contemplation

Monday, October 28

5:00pm-7:30pm PDT

3359 26th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
Reflect on what arises as you participate in Reimagine. Skilled volunteers available for brief compassionate listening sessions. Tools for drawing, writing, or quiet contemplation also available.

This is an opportunity for people of all faiths and traditions, including those who don't consider themselves religious or spiritually oriented, to experience the healing effects of compassionate listening.

These confidential, one-to-one encounters allow people to notice and reflect upon the impact of their circumstances (e.g., loss, aging, illness⁠—all things that can put us face-to-face with our mortality) on their living today.

This event will be featured as part of our Reimagine Community Gatherings. These gatherings are an opportunity for the community to come together at our Reimagine Hub to enjoy light food, refreshments, and commingle together.


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