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Reimagining Grief: How to Respond to Death Differently

Reimagining Grief: How to Respond to Death Differently
What if grief isn't inevitable? Expanding on her 2019 TEDx talk (Death is Inevitable - Grief is Not), Jennifer Mathews explores perspectives and tools for wellbeing that shape our responses to death.

Based on her personal story after her life-partner died in 2011, and on various new studies in the field of bereavement, Jennifer invites us to consider how we can be more centered and resilient when death enters our lives. Which life skills can better support us as we adjust to the physical death of those we care about? What can we be aware of before someone we love dies that may make our experience more easeful and life-affirming?

It's time to go beyond the expectation of grief and open to a diverse range of authentic responses to death. Whether you’ve already navigated the deaths of many loved ones over the years, or whether you have not yet experienced a significant death in your life, you are invited to reimagine grief and what is possible!

CLICK HERE to watch Jen's TEDx Talk. For more about Jen, go to

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