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Social Justice to the End: Reclaiming Wellbeing While Dying

Hosted by Dara Kosberg

Social Justice to the End: Reclaiming Wellbeing While Dying
Dying badly may be the ultimate social injustice. This panel will explore human potential for wellbeing through the end of life and ways of avoiding pitfalls while getting the best care possible.

Dying badly represents the final social injustice. The full breadth of human experience of illness and dying extends from severe suffering to a sense of being well within oneself, with others and with the world. Homelessness, extreme poverty, mental illness, substance abuse and discrimination can deprive people of any opportunity to die well. But we are all at risk.

Pastor Corey Kennard, Rev. Cynthia Carter-Perrilliat and Dr. Ira Byock will explore our human potential for wellbeing in dying from their respective professions and spiritual traditions and identify differences and commonalities.

Panelists and attendees will discuss ways making good use of health care without being reduced to diagnoses and share wisdom for growing inwardly and together through the end of life. In better understanding the emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of being human, we can preserve opportunities for individuals in decline to live fully within the context of families and communities.


Advance Care Planning Talk, Panel, & Conversation