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San Francisco Bay Area
This event was part of San Francisco Bay Area

Soulconnect with SoulCollage®

Hosted by Chloe La Bare

Soulconnect with SoulCollage®
Soulcollage® allows us to experience our own inner guidance effortlessly ~ through a most enjoyable intuitive process!

We begin this exploration by making simple collages from found images that we resonate with on blank 4” x 7” cards.

With no prior artistic skills required, this first activity is often experienced as a purely childlike liberating state of creativity.

In the second part of the workshop, we will witness these newly made cards and let them speak to us.

Whether you are coming with specific questions or are simply open to Higher Self guidance, SoulCollage® is an endless source of surprising inner wisdom, opening possibly to a healing dialog with a loved one who left, or within our own Soul!

The messages come through often to show us the best way to resolution, peace and empowerment on our journey.

Visual Art Workshop