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San Francisco Bay Area
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Spirit Boat: A Makers Event

Hosted by Ruth's Table

Spirit Boat: A Makers Event
What will your boat carry? Navigate life, death, and the passage in-between through the construction of an empowered vessel built with the intention to move forward.

Ruth’s Table is pleased to host local artist, Jennifer Ewing, as she leads us through the creation of our own Spirit Boat.

Through meaningful choices of materials and composition, makers have an opportunity to explore their own journey and make new meaning of loss and death. Boats are a universal symbol of passage and water a symbol of emotion. This workshop reminds us that we are always on the move and the boat is a vehicle of safety.

Materials offered include recycled plastic bottle parts, stained paper, twine, wood, wire, feathers and other assemblage materials. This is a highly personal process guided by a talented artist in a space that is both inspiring and accessible. No prior art-making experience required.

Located in the Mission District of San Francisco, close to public transportation including Bart, Ruth’s Table provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for people of all ages and abilities to share the joy of creative expression.

Ritual & Ceremony Visual Art Workshop